Our speciality is games and interactive content.

We can build you a bespoke game, or create you an animation that explains your business, process or product.

We've developed a great understanding of the interactive experience, from game mechanics (how they work & what makes them fun) to how you can present complex information in a concise & engaging way.

If you already have a design, we can help work out what specification will best fit your requirements. And, we're happy to work with your team, or take complete ownership of the project...

Any questions? Drop us a line!


Aztec Curse

An Aztec themed game, loosely based on Smash TV, with mummies, skeletons, bats & scarabs! Progress through the levels to rescue the princess. With glorious pixel art, played over twelve levels. play

Farthest Radient

A fast-paced arcade shooter, in the mold of Sinistar - mining & collecting crystals, avoiding enemies - but presented in 2.5D for added visual impact. play

Snake Cubed

The classic snake game, updated to play on the surface of the cube. Built with threeJS.

Raise the Bar

A "six bar" equestrian jumping game for Horse & Hound magazine. The game played over a number of levels with increasing difficulty. It featured a fully animated and customisable horse & rider, and an environment that changed for the time of day.



Vodafone required an in-store kiosk to complement their brochures, updated bi-monthly with offers, plans & pricing.

Boston Consulting

Data visualisation, created using RaphaelJS which produces SVG in a browser for clarity & sharpness at high resolutions. view


Bespoke chart with zooming, dragging, selectable groups, display by year, or trail.


Presentation with animated 3D menu system

Random House

The content for this presentation was placed within the books on the shelves. The pages could be turned by the user. This had the added fun element of an animated penguin!


  • Game design & development
  • Interactive content such as data visualisation
  • Animations & presentations
  • Highly experienced with OO methodologies
  • Focussed on delivering smooth user experiences
  • Highly experienced with frameworks & code libraries (Greensock, Nape, Phaser, Three, jQuery etc.)
  • Wide experience of working with games portals
  • Comfortable in an agency environment
  • Workplace best practice (using SVN, adding code comments, etc.)